BREAKING: Watch The HISTORIC Moment When Trump Met The Freed North Korean Hostages

On Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted out that he was looking forward to meeting the freed hostages from North Korea.

Here’s what he said:

Now we have pictures from the actual meetup, and it was a beautiful sight to see!

Here are some of the best pictures and videos from the meet up:

This was Trump and Melania making their way to the plane:

The magical moment:

Here’s the video of this historic exchange:

Here’s what one detainee said:

Lt. Col Daniel Davis says the US now has “all the power”:

On the base, there were American flags flying high to represent FREEDOM:

President Trump was praised widely on Twitter for this amazing victory:

Here was a recap of this entire story (Via Fox News):

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left North Korea early Wednesday morning with the three American detainees, whom the Trump administration had described as “hostages.” The release capped a dramatic day of diplomacy in Pyongyang. After Pompeo’s 90-minute meeting with Kim Jong Un, he gave reporters a fingers-crossed sign when asked about the prisoners as he returned to his hotel. It was only after a North Korean emissary arrived a bit later to inform him that the release was confirmed.

Pompeo, who first traveled to North Korea as CIA chief in early April, was only the second sitting secretary of state to visit the rogue nation. The first was Madeleine Albright, who went in 2000 as part of an unsuccessful bid to arrange a meeting between then-President Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il.

The three American detainees were released ahead of an upcoming meeting between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un set to focus on North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

What a historic night!

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