Just In: At Least 7 Students Killed, 12 Injured in Knife Attack at Chinese Middle School

Kirsters Baish| Seven students were killed and twelve more were wounded during a stabbing at a middle school in China’s northwest Shaanxi province earlier today.

The Associated Press reported:

Seven students were killed Friday in a stabbing rampage at a middle school in China’s northwest, authorities said. State broadcaster CCTV said the attack happened in Shaanxi province’s Mizhi county as students were leaving the No. 3 Middle School. It said 12 other students were injured.

The suspect was identified by authorities as a 28-year-old male who used to go to the school. He claimed that he targeted the school because when he attended the school as a child, he was bullied.

Private gun ownership in China is extremely rare due to strict laws. This makes knives and homemade explosives the prime weapons used in most crimes.

BBC reports:

At least seven students have been stabbed to death and 12 injured in a knife attack outside a school in northern China, officials say.

The knife-wielding man attacked the students near Mizhi County Number Three secondary school in Shaanxi province as they were heading home for the day.

A suspect is in police custody.

Chinese police have given his surname as Zhao and say he is a 28-year-old former student of the school.

BBC confirmed the story which pointed to bullying as the main motive behind the shooting. Police have identified the seven dead students as five female students and two male students. Images that were posted on social media show dead bodies of students scattered on the ground while other students stared in horror.

The attack took place at roughly 10:10 local time. The students who were injured in the attack are being treated at a nearby hospital. The ages of the deceased and injured students have not yet been released, however, they are believed to be middle schoolers. This would make them somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.

Since the gun control laws have become extremely strict, knife attacks have become more of an issue in China.

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