McDonald’s Pisses Off Farmer, Fast Food Chain Isn’t Prepared For His Revenge

In an attempt to attract more customers, a McDonald’s decided to set up a new sign along a highway. Unfortunately, the selfish fast food giants made one big mistake while installing their extremely tall sign, starting a nasty feud. They messed with the wrong farmer, and he found the sweetest form of revenge.

When the management of this McDonald’s decided that they wanted to drive in more customers in Hampshire, England, they knew they had to advertise on the town’s main highway. However, after installing the famous golden arches, the restaurant realized that there were tall hedges interfering with their new sign, and it was not visible. Without asking the landowner, McDonald’s simply cut down the hedges, and you can only imagine how much this would piss off a prideful farmer.

…management quickly realized that the sign wouldn’t be visible because of a hedge that stood on the side of the road. So they simply cut it down – without asking the landowner for permission.

The fast food chain decided to cut down the bush without questioning the farmer who owned the land. [Source: Newsner]

The hedges obstructing the view of the golden arches.

After the farmer’s hedges were cut down without his permission, he decided to stack hay bales even higher than the previous obstruction, causing the sign to still be completely blocked. If that isn’t the perfect revenge, I don’t know what is. Haven’t people learned by now that blue-collar workers are the wrong people to mess with?

It is believed the farmer had the last straw with the restaurant chain after they allegedly cut his hedge next to a busy road to install the sign. [Source: Daily Mail]

The farmer exacted his revenge by placing hay bales in front of the new McDonald’s sign.
The only sign visible is a Texaco logo which appears from the top of the bales.

Now, the thousands of people who drive past the sign on A36 in Hampshire going 60mph cannot see the fast food sign again, this time because of the hay bales obstructing the view. The farmer had the perfect form of revenge for the ongoing feud.

Highway Patrol claims that “they are aware of the incident but cannot act on it because it’s not their sign,” so the matter must be solved between McDonald’s and the farmer. There has yet to be a resolution brought to the table, but it seems that McDonald’s should probably just take the loss on this one, considering the farmer is definitely winning in the court of public opinion.

As if McDonald’s doesn’t have enough customers, it being the largest fast food chain in the world, they had to go mess with a small farmer who minds his own business. I’m positive that they will still sell just as many Big Macs with or without that one extra golden arch.

There is no question that McDonald’s is at fault here, and the internet is cheering the farmer on for his brilliant revenge. Nothing can quite beat the feeling of victory over greedy corporate millionaires when they try to step on the “little guy” to get ahead. Capitalism is a great thing, but not when you are infringing on someone else’s property to gain more profits for yourself. We can only imagine how sweet this farmer must be feeling after his revenge victory.

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