New York Thug Assaults 2 Elderly Women, Fed-Up Good Samaritan Makes Him Pay

A shocking video has emerged out of New York where a vicious thug randomly punched and assaulted two women in their 70’s on Mothers Day as they left a grocery store. Now, the clip has gone viral after a fed-up good Samaritan made the punk pay.

Screenshots from video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/24h News)

While many Americans were celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13, 2018, two elderly women — 77 and 79 — were horrified as they left a Brooklyn area grocery store when a random stranger approached them on the sidewalk and brutally punched them both in the head. The two victims were violently knocked to the ground by their attacker, and for a moment it seemed as if he would get away with his random act of violence.

According to Fox News, the two victims were leaving Shoppers World on Pitkin Avenue near Herzl Street in Brownsville at approximately 9:45 a.m. when the suspect identified as 45-year-old Andres Flores walked up to them and struck them both with his fist. It’s unknown if this is the first time Flores had committed such a sickening act, but what was certain is that one good Samaritan wasn’t about to let him get away with it.

As the video shows, a man wearing a red jacket with white stripes passed by the two victims just moments before Flores attacked them. Literally just seconds later, the good Samaritan can be seen in the video running back toward Flores to deliver some brutal karma. As the good Samaritan confronted Flores, the two men squared off on each other, and it looked like Flores was about to victimize another person.

As the clip continues, the good Samaritan launched a brutal attack on Flores, and a witness named Jacaira Baez, 20, said that she heard the good Samaritan shout, “C’mon, man, It’s Mother’s Day. Really?” according to the New York Post.

Baez told The Post that the good Samaritan is a hero. “I never saw anything like this in person. You see it on the news, but not in front of you,” Baez said. “He’s a hero. He’s a hero. He didn’t think about it. He just did it.”

I could not agree more with Baez. The good Samaritan could have just continued walking down the sidewalk and acting as if the attack taking place on the sidewalk was none of his business. The hero had no way of knowing whether or not Flores had a knife or a gun hidden in his pockets. It is truly sickening to see a complete stranger violently attack two elderly women, but it is astounding to see a complete stranger step in to deliver some brutal instant justice.

In the clip, other bystanders could be seen dialing 911 and trying to assist the two victims as one of them still could be seen laying on the sidewalk. During that time, the good Samaritan was still wrestling with Flores just yards away from where the attack took place. According to police, the good Samaritan wrestled Flores to the ground and held him there until officers from New York Police Department arrived to take him into custody.

According to NBC New York, the two women were taken to Brookdale Hospital where they were treated for bruising and swelling. Their injuries, according to police, were non-life threatening. After police took Flores into custody, he was transported to Brookdale Hospital as well where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

For his violent acts, Flores was charged with two counts of felony assault and one count of misdemeanor assault. In my opinion, the punk got exactly what he deserved after assaulting the two elderly victims. It’s very likely that the two women Flores attacked would not have been his last victims if the good Samaritan hadn’t stepped in. In a world where so many people have a careless attitude when it comes to the suffering of others, it’s great to see that guys like the one in this video are still out there and ready to protect the defenseless.

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