Republican Congress Defeats Democrats In 8-Year Battle, Wins Trump A Top Victory

For many Republicans who were on the fence during the 2016 elections, the choice to vote for Trump became clear when Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly passed away.

The thought of Scalia’s vacancy on the Supreme Court being filled by a Democrat was too much for even some of the toughest Never Trump Republicans to bear.

Thankfully Trump won and immediately nominated conservative Neil Gorsuch to replace Scalia.

But Senate Democrats, in typical obstructionist fashion, fought Gorsuch’s nomination, just as they’ve been fighting all of Trump’s appointments.

It’s been an uphill battle for the Donald, who is doing his best to get his conservative nominees confirmed. The Democrats are clearly hoping they’ll regain control of the Senate in the midterms, and are stalling for time so that once they have the power, they can stop as much of Trump’s agenda as they can.

However, when it comes to the court of appeals, the left is failing to stop the red wave sweeping the judicial system. Trump has spent his first year rapidly filling judgeships at the appellate court levels, nearly doubling Obama’s first-year appointments.

And now, despite liberal roadblocks, the Senate has helped him confirm yet another.

From Fox News:

Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan was confirmed to fill an opening on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin had stalled Brennan’s nomination.

The seat has been open for more than eight years, the longest for the nation’s appellate courts.

Until this year, it had been nearly three decades since the Senate confirmed a judge without two positive blue slips. Brennan’s confirmation marked the second time it has happened this year.

Wisconsin Senator Baldwin declined to submit a “blue slip”, or a blue colored form, that would have signaled she approved Brennan’s nomination.

The blue slip system gives Senators the chance to have some say over which judges will be appointed in their home states. Rarely does a judge get approved without a blue form being submitted by their Senator, but Sen. Chuck Grassley stated that, “The blue slip courtesy is just that — a courtesy,”

The Democrats are crying foul over this action, even though the White House consulted both of Wisconsin’s Senators before nominating Brennan.

Even though Brennan is eminently qualified to serve on the 7th circuit court, the left only care about maintaining power. But their constant attempts to stall Trump’s nominations are no longer working, and the impact of Trump’s judicial appointments will be felt across the country for generations to come.

Source: Fox News

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