VIDEO: Armed Thug Runs From Cops, Fed-Up Grandpa Takes Him Down… Hard

A shocking video has emerged out of Columbus, Ohio, where an armed thug ran from the police past a public library. However, he crossed paths with a fed-up grandpa who humiliated the punk when he unleashed his secret weapon, taking him down the hard way..

Screenshot from live video footage (Photo Credit: Facebook/CTV News)

According to Blue Lives Matter, the shocking video footage was captured on April 3, 2018, but it has just recently been released by the Columbus Division of Police to the public. Police said that a grandfather who wished to be identified as only “Bill” was at a west Columbus library with his granddaughter when he noticed police chasing a suspect who was headed his way on the sidewalk.

Expecting his granddaughter to come out of the library at any moment, Bill did what any loving and protective grandfather would have done — he stuck his leg out. Bill told police that he heard the police sirens and immediately noticed the suspect running directly at him with his hand in his waistband.

Bill didn’t hesitate to act. With his cane still in hand, Bill heard officers yelling at the suspect to drop the gun. As the 19-year-old suspect, identified as Shawn Briggs, ran directly behind him, Bill stuck out his leg and tripped the armed thug. The clip shows the punk go airborne and then land on the sidewalk with a thud. Thanks to Bill, the suspect dropped the Glock 9 MM that he was carrying when he fell to the ground, leaving him unarmed and ready for police to pounce on his butt.

Caught on cam: Quick-thinking Good Samaritan trips suspect

"I just felt as a citizen of this town I had a responsibility to act and to help."Police in Columbus, Ohio have thanked a man named Bill who was captured on camera tripping up an armed suspect who was on the run from police by sticking his leg out at the perfect moment.

Slået op af CTV News i 4. maj 2018

Bill’s quick thinking likely saved the life of the 19-year-old suspect because it may have only been a matter of seconds before he raised it at a cop and been turned into a human sprinkler. Columbus police later said that Bill’s heroic act allowed them to catch up to the suspect and make the arrest.

According to Inside Edition, the suspect had been carrying the loaded Glock 9 MM handgun with an extended magazine and 29 rounds. During an interview with Inside Edition, Bill said, “I had one opportunity and I had to make the choice if I was going to act or if I was going to be a bystander,” Bill said. “I just stuck my foot out,” he added.

Columbus Police Commander Scott Hyland was wearing a body camera that captured the chase. “It scares me to death what may have been going through that young man’s mind and I fear he, for a split second, had some very ill intentions,” Cmdr. Hyland said during an interview with Inside Edition.

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