Woman Cries Racism For Getting Ticket, Sheriff Fires Back & Revokes Her Race Card

A woman in South Carolina wept on Facebook Live after getting pulled over by a police officer she accused of being a racist. Now, the story has gone viral after the cop shut her up with one epic move that you’re going to love. Her race card just got canceled.

Screenshot from the bodycam footage (background), Dawn Hilton-Williams (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Scanner Audio 608, Facebook/Vaessen John)

According to Blue Lives Matter, the South Carolina woman claimed that she was in fear for her life during a traffic stop in rural Virginia. The incident took place on April 27, 2018, after 50-year-old Dawn Hilton-Williams was pulled over in Brunswick County for speeding. The sheriff’s deputy who pulled the woman over was caught a little off guard when he started to receive numerous calls from the public about the traffic stop.

Hilton-Williams’ wild accusations against him were surprising, not only because he’s a complete gentleman but also because he was wearing a bodycam that the lying woman apparently didn’t notice. To shut her up once and for all, the deputy decided to release the footage.

In the Facebook Live clip that Hilton-Williams streamed, she cried, “You know, we shouldn’t be afraid to drive and get pulled over by the police.” Hilton-Williams continued, “My natural instinct, for anybody who knows me, knows that I do not like to be told what to do.” Well, that being said it didn’t take long for things to escalate between the speeding woman and the deputy.

According to local news source WTVR, Hilton-Williams was pulled over along Route 59 in a rural area for violating the speed limit. The unedited bodycam footage released by the sheriff’s office shows that the deputy approached her vehicle and identified himself before asking for Hilton-Williams’ license and vehicle information.

The deputy told Hilton-Williams that he stopped her for driving 70 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. Hilton-Williams responded by telling the deputy she hadn’t seen any speed limit signs on the road. The deputy walked back to his vehicle and then returned a short time later with a citation for Hilton-Williams.

Completely indignant that she wasn’t getting off with a warning, Hilton-Williams resorted to dramatic and even irritating behavior. As the deputy began to explain her options with regards to paying the ticket or appearing in court, Hilton-Williams became combative. “It’s a traffic summons?” Hilton-Williams interrupted. “Where’s the sign that says its 55 miles per hour?” she asked.

The deputy calmly replied, “Numerous places,” and then told her that she was more than welcome to go back and look at the speed limit signs and take pictures of them if she wished. The fact that she got caught speeding and was being given a ticket and not a free pass was too much for Hilton-Williams to bear.

“So you didn’t give me a warning?” Hilton-Williams asked. “You gave me an actual ticket?” The deputy confirmed that he was indeed giving her a ticket and that there were no warnings that day before continuing to explain her options to her.

“You have the option to prepay this,” the deputy continued. “I’m going to give you a phone number, plus a website that has our courthouse information. If you contact our courts, they will tell you what the fine is, answer any one of your questions and if you decide to pre-pay it, you do not have to come to court.”

At that point, Hilton-Williams rudely told the deputy that she would not pay the ticket and that she was going to hire a lawyer. Nevermind the fact that she had been caught speeding, Hilton-Williams wasn’t going to accept any kind of consequence to her behavior.

Body cam footage released after woman accuses local deputy of racism -I was just bullied(Brunswick County, Virginia-UsA) 0705018After an accusation of racism during a Virginia traffic stop went , the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office has release a full, uninterrupted body cam of the incident.Behind the wheel of her car and live on Facebook, Dawn Hilton-Williams described a traffic stop on 58 westbound in rural Brunswick County."I was just bullied by a cop, who threatened to pull me out of the car," said Hilton-Williams in the 11-minute long Facebook ."This is where we got lynched. This is where we got lynched, even in today's day."The traffic stop happened on April 27, when Hilton-Williams was heading home to Greensville, South Carolina after watching her daughter play in a tennis tournament.In the , Hilton-Williams said she feared for her life.After reviewing body cam footage of the traffic stop, Roberts said the stop was completely by the book, and his deputy did nothing wrong."I don't know what she has been through and I don't know her life history, what I worry about is this kind of thing will inflame situations where you see cops in other states have been executed while they were just eating lunch," said Roberts.With those concerns in mind, Roberts released the full body cam

Slået op af Vaessen John i 8. maj 2018

The deputy explained to Hilton-Williams that the citation was just an assurance that she would either pay the ticket online or agree to attend court on the scheduled date. Hilton-Williams smugly replied, “I’m not going to sign that ticket,” she responded. “I don’t have to sign it. But I appreciate it.”

This is when the deputy boiled it down for her. “If you refuse to sign the summons at this point, I’m gonna have to get you out of the side of the police car, place you under arrest and take you in front of a magistrate,” he calmly explained. “I will get your vehicle towed and go from there. So, yes ma’am you do not have a choice…”

Hilton-Williams then agreed to sign the citation and the deputy sent her on her way without further incident. “Thank you very much, and you have a very safe day,” the deputy told her, as he walked back towards his patrol car.

Moments later Hilton-Williams was on Facebook Live full of tears and telling her twisted version of what happened during the traffic stop. “I have had a traumatic experience,” she began. “I just was bullied by a racist cop…in the middle of nowhere, where I could have been the next victim of police abuse with no repercussion,” she exclaimed.

“He just walked off, the bully that he was, proudly, happily, like he had accomplished something by degrading me as an African-American,” Hilton-Williams continued as she called her violation “some kinda small difference” over the posted speed limit

Hilton-Williams continued to spin her tale that she was intimidated by “this white cop, who said he’s Sergeant Somebody.” At one point you would think that she would have a stroke of conscience and stop the big act, but she kept right on going with it.

“And he looked like he was ready…to pull me out of the car,” she said in the clip. “He didn’t say, I’ll ask you to step out of the car. He said, I’ll put you outta the car, and I’ll arrest you, and I’ll impound your car.” Hilton-Williams then claimed that she signed the ticket “only because I was immediately afraid.”

Hilton-Williams went on to rant about how the rural area she was driving through had been where “we got lynched,” speaking about African Americans in general. In her video, Hilton-Williams pulled out all the stops by proclaiming racism, injustice, and fear of police brutality. After her video was viewed by a number of people on social media, Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts released the bodycam footage in response to dozens of calls from concerned citizens.

“I started getting calls from citizens asking what is going on. They had seen a posting and were concerned about how I would allow it to happen,” Sheriff Brian Roberts said, according to an interview with WTVR. “I don’t know what she has been through and I don’t know her life history. What I worry about is this kind of thing will inflame situations where you see cops in other states have been executed while they were just eating lunch.”

In my opinion, people like Hilton-Williams are part of the problem and not the solution. She simply got caught speeding and should have accepted her citation with a little dignity. Instead, she lied about the deputy’s conduct in an attempt to damage his reputation. Maybe Hilton-Williams will think twice before telling such a whopper of a lie next time she gets pulled over for breaking the law.

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